Why Carbonated Beverages Are Dubbed As “Soft Drinks”

“Soft Drink” used to refer to all beverages that don’t have alcohol in them (hard drinks). Such term is now almost exclusively used for flavored carbonated drinks, and the media is the culprit. Flavored carbonated drink manufacturers were dilly-dallying about making their ads because there are varied terms for the product from one region to another (soda, coke, and pop, among many others). So as to get around with this issue, for all advertising campaigns, they just agreed to use “soft drink.”

Q&A: Can I use all-purpose flour for everything?

Q: Can I use all-purpose flour for everything?

A: The thing that sets the types of flour apart from each other is the gluten content, and this depends on whether the flour is made out of hard wheat or soft wheat. Gluten is referred to as the protein that makes yeast stretch and rise. To get the best baking results, go for the type of flour that a recipe particularly requires.

All-purpose flour is built for a wide array of purposes, and those include cookies, biscuits, as well as cakes, among other. It is a blend of high-gluten hard wheat and low-gluten soft wheat, it comes in both unbleached  and bleached forms, and you can use them interchangeably.

Blood Orange and Avocado Salad with Garlic and Herb Croutons and Bruschetta Dressing

Vegetarians, here you go. I’m no vegetarian but I will surely try this, too.

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I’ve had a bad month of too many treats that have become a little more than treats. I had a little indulgence over Christmas which became ‘just one more day’, to become a whole month.

Now as the month of January comes to an end as as the Chinese New Year begins, it seems like the perfect point to get back on track and take better care of my body.

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Peanuts have beneficial protein, however a lot of people are allergic to them and have a hard time to digest. They also happen to have aflatoxin, which is a known carcinogenic, which may be the reason why peanut farmers tend to have disproportionately high rates of cancer. Peanuts don’t have omega-3, and eating them could lead to distorting your omega-6:omega-3 ratio. They are actually a legume, explaining why they are usually roasted. Peanuts also have as much protein as soy and are low in starchy carbohydrates.

Aside from munching on them, what recipes do you like incorporating peanuts in? Share them with us!