New Year Cleanse

After all the Holiday eating, it’s now wonder you’re looking for ways to get rid of all those yummy food you have devoured. New Year cleanse, it is!

Skip the Coffee

Go coffee-free. You may deem it impossible to do without the kick of your caffeine fix, but keep in mind that it’ll also build up carb and sugar craving for the entire day. That said, go for a cup of green tea. Just a cup helps to speed up liver activity.

Hydrate with Water

After all the spiked egg nog, rehydration is key. 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. You can put in a lemon or orange slice for vitamin C to burn fat and decrease inflammation. Good for the stomach and skin.

Get Your Fiber Fix

It’s no surprise that you may have overeaten, so fiber will help your digestive system get back on track. You can have oatmeal or almond butter toast for breakfast.

Cut Sugar Cold Turkey

Nothing helps you recover faster than a quick break-up, even when it comes to sugary treats. To avoid those sugar cravings, you must go cold turkey. Say no to the sweets and processed foods that could be packed with hidden sugar and go for veggies, fruit and whole grains.

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