Post 46 – Mexican Chocolate Flan Cake

This totally looks scrumptious!

Erin Eating Everything

This cake.


It’s the ultimate in cake transformation. Two separate, totally different parts of a cake switch places – seamlessly flip-flop. What am I talking about?

This delicious Choco-flan cake. Have you heard of it?

They say it’s impossible, (who are they anyway?) but somehow it happens every time. You make a thick chocolate cake batter and pour it into the bottom of a bundt pan (which would be the top when you flip it over right? Stay with me here)


Evidence that I put the chocolate cake part in first!

and pour a soupy layer of eggs and milk on top of it (which should be the bottom of the cake when it’s served)



and miraculously when you pull it out of the oven, the chocolate cake is on the top and the custard layer has all but disappeared… until you flip it over (carefully!) and see the beautiful jiggly caramely thing it has become. I’d say there’s probably…

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