Health Lifehacks

These following lifehacks serve as shortcuts to a healthier lifestyle. They may be simple, but they’re out-of-the-box techniques for improving the quality of your life. Here are 5 to help keep you in tip-top shape, and boost your emotional and mental health:

1. Fifteen Negative Calorie Foods
Truth be told, there are foods that burn more calories than they contain. If you are so weight-conscious and you count calories, you will be so happy that you can snack and lose weight. They are called negative calorie foods, and they include celery, apples, and watermelons, can be found in just about every grocery, thus making dieting easy and delicious.

2. Take Advantage of Carrots As Much As You Can by Cooking Them Whole
Study shows that carrots are packed with nutrients such as vitamin A. Study also has it that cooking carrots whole, instead of chopped or diced, preserves more of the nutrients locks them within. If you cook them whole, you also let them keep more of their flavor, so they are good for your health as well as your taste buds.

3. Eat Slowly and You Will Lose Weight
When you eat, it may take a while before your brain recognizes the feeling of being full. That said, when you eat slowly and steadily, you see to it that your stomach and your brain are at the same pace. When you do so, you reduce the chance of overeating.

4. Enjoy the Health Benefits of Wine sans the Alcohol
Red wine has always been dubbed healthy when in moderation. Nevertheless, we know it can be challenging to drink it in moderation. Fortunately, good old red grape juice can give the most health benefits of red wine like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while keeping alcohol out of your system.

5. Tea is Healthier than Water
In terms of drinks, study shows that tea can be a healthier alternative to water. While water is best for replenishing your body’s fluids, tea can do the same and put in some antioxidants while at it. While some people believe that the caffeine in tea gives it dehydrating powers, professionals believe that the net gain of fluids outweighs the caffeine.

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